34 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend: Meaning and Variations

Anne Katana

This is a list of cute names to call your boyfriend, and I have included what each word means and its origin. I know It’s appealing to call your boyfriend cute names. Especially if they’re not the most common ones like ‘sweetheart’ or ‘babe.’

These Nicknames for your boyfriend are cute, and you might not like to call your boyfriend by their actual name all the time. It might also be a sign that you are cute and playful.

Make sure you know what these names mean before using them, as some might have different meanings elsewhere.

So here is a list of 35 cute names for your man that will make him feel loved and wanted!

List of Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

  1. Babycakes: One of the variations is “baby cakes,” made by someone who loves you very much like parents or grandparents would make for their child on their birthday.
  2. Hottie: This is a cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s handsome, which means ‘handsome.’
  3. Hunnybun: Use this name when you feel sentimental and want to be sweet with the person you love. This one is usually used by females who love their male partner; either gender can use it.
  4. BooBear: A nice cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s sweet and cuddly, which is what a bear does with his family.
  5. Cuddlebug: A nickname for someone who enjoys being physical with their significant other or likes hugging people in general! This variation of the word “cuddle” is cute.
  6. Sugar: This is short and sweet and can be used as a nickname for someone cute.
  7. Cookie: Cute and affectionate pet name to call your boyfriend.
  8. Darling: Used a lot and familiar; you can use it for your significant other if they are adorable; this means ‘sweet’ too.
  9. Hot Lips: A cute and sexy name to call your boyfriend if he likes to kiss a lot or give out kisses.
  10. Pumpkin/Kitten: One of the cute pet names to call their significant other; in this case, they are either cute like a kitten or sweet as pumpkin pies.
  11. Bear Cub: A nickname for someone who is strong and bears you with them throughout life; they might also be protective of what belongs to them, making it seem that they are cuddly and loving at times.
  12. Handsome: When used by females, this means ‘handsome.’ Still, males will take it differently–they’ll mean more attractive than usual because they find qualities about themselves desirable that others do not see!
  13. Sweetie Pie: The female version of ‘sweetie,’ which means cute.
  14. Beanie Boo: A beautiful nickname for someone who is always there when you need them–this will make him feel loved!
  15. Lovie Dovie: A friendly name to call your boyfriend; it means ‘love.’ This also means they are so sweet, cuddly, and loving; either gender can use it.
  16. Hunny: Married people use this alot other with a sweet sound, similar to the word “honey.” Make sure you pronounce it like “honey” for the cute sound. If your relationship is very serious and at an advanced stage, you can use it.
  17. Love Muffin: Adorable nickname to call your boyfriend or husband if he’s sweet, kind, and caring. This one usually means ‘a charming person.’
  18. Pumpkin: A nickname for your significant other if he’s sweet and has a pleasant personality. This one usually means ‘someone who is cute.’
  19. Snookums: This is a cute name to call your boyfriend or husband if you want to be cute and cuddly with them! It can also refer to someone as attractive, making it an endearing term of affection.
  20. Toffee: Special name for that special guy in your life who might not always show his feelings but will melt when you show him how much you care about him. The word “toffee” comes from the phrase “a soft center,” which refers to people with kind hearts at their core, even though they don’t always act kindly toward others.
  21. Snugglebug: Call your boyfriend or husband if he’s always touching you and wanting to cuddle! The word “cuddling” comes from the past tense of “to cuddle,” which is a phrase that means ‘to hug’ in modern English, but it used to be an action people would use for animals who needed warmth before they had homes with heaters.
  22. Sweetie Pie: It is used for someone who has sweetness oozing out of them; this can also mean a kindhearted person! When you say the word “pie” as a term of endearment, it could have roots in old Dutch culture when their ancestors called each other piepje–meaning ‘little piece.’
  23. Babe: You know this one. Often used if you want something simple that doesn’t try too hard. One variation of it, babes, could have its roots in baby talk–using an infantile voice when speaking words related to babies (and not just referencing infants). Babe is a cute term of affection that you can use in any context, like if your significant other is the love of your life or when they make you so mad you want to scream because they’re being stubborn and doing something they shouldn’t be doing–it’s always cute!
  24. Boo: A beautiful name for someone who means everything to you; this one often has its roots in old English culture when people say “Bou,” which means ‘love.’ The word “Boo” also comes from the Irish expression fondness.
  25. Cuddle Muffin: If you want to be attractive and cuddly with them! When people use this term, they often say it like “Coochie-coochie” or “coodar coodar,” which are just variations of the word “cuddle.”
  26. Dear: I used to call someone when they mean a lot to you; this usually means ‘someone who is loved.’ The term could have its roots in old English culture where people would say darae–meaning ‘personal possessions,’ but it became an expression of love as time passed. Another variation is dere–which comes from Dutch and German cultures when their ancestors called each other dier, which meant ‘dear one.’
  27. Lovie: Used for someone who you love and feel very close to. This term could have roots in old English culture, where people say “love.” Still, now it’s an expression of affection that parents usually use with their children or spouses–someone they want to be emotionally intimate with.
  28. Honey Bunny: A cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s sweet and endearing! The word “honey” comes from old Norse culture where people would say honung–meaning ‘sweetness.’ When combined with “Bunny,” this cute nickname can mean either an affectionate pet or refer to attractive terms used by children when they want their parent’s attention (and we’re not just talking about bunnies). Another variation is the honey lamb, which could have its origins in Arabic. Lammi meant “very pretty” – therefore turning it into a cute way to show how cute the significant other is.
  29. Baby Boo: If you want something cute and sweet! This could have its roots in old English culture, where people would say “baby” as a term of endearment, but parents also use it to be affectionate towards their infants. The variation of this one is baby bop–which can come from the phrase “to bounce with excitement,” which babies always do.
  30. Honey Bunch: A creative name for someone who means so much to you; this word has been around since 18th century England when James Shirley wrote about his wife saying that her eyes were like ‘honey,’ because she was always looking at him. Another cute variation is the honey bun–which comes from the phrase “to make a honeycomb,” which means attractive.
  31. Moose: Excellent nickname for your significant other if you want something cute and cuddly! The word ‘moose’ is an old Dutch term that meant a lovable person.’ Another variation of this one is moppet, which could come from the French language (poupee), where it is used to indicate a doll or puppet, but it’s now used as another cute way to address someone who has been around since childhood.
  32. Royal Tush: This is a cute nickname for someone whose rear end is very well shaped, which means they’re the king or queen of their butt!
  33. Snuggle Bear: If he loves to be physical with you and cuddle all the time. The word “snuggle” refers to hugging your partner while lying down.
  34. Little Bits: Used for someone you love; this one has roots in old English culture where people say “little bits,” which meant a small amount.’ The word could have come from a variation of a little boy’s name, which was initially believed to be “Little Bytes.”

Other Sweet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

  • Stud
  • Good-looking
  • Casanova
  • Knight In Shining Armor
  • Bugs
  • Beau
  • Handsome
  • Prince Charming
  • Boo
  • Casanova
  • Knight In Shining Armor
  • Bugs
  • Beau
  • Loverboy

Why Call Your Boyfriend Cute Names

For most people, the word “cute” is a term for endearment. When you say something is cute, it usually means that it’s adorable or lovable—a heartwarming sentiment many couples have for their significant others.

In terms of language, we often infuse words with solid emotions and feelings depending on the context we use them.

Now, if you’re wondering why you can’t stop thinking about your boyfriend and how much he means to you, the answer might be more straightforward than you expect: it’s because of his name. When we hear a word or see an object, it triggers specific neurons inside our brain, called semantic priming.

Essentially, when you hear someone call their boyfriend by a cute name, your brain picks up on this positive emotion, and you’re more inclined to react positively as well—even if your man isn’t the one calling him “tater tot.”

It’s easy for us to associate the word “baby” with affection and love or to think of a pelican as a goofy-looking bird. While cute names might seem like empty words to some people, they hold weight and power behind them.

That’s because when you call your boyfriend by his name, it’s the same way we say someone’s internet browser is “Google” or use the word Facebook when we mean to say Twitter.

Words like “bae,” “baby,” and “hubby” carry with them a particular vulnerability, which can make someone feel closer to their significant other. If you want your guy to know how much he means to you, all it takes is one lovingly-uttered pet name, and he’ll turn to putty in your hands.

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