What is the Average Cost of CCTV Installation in Kenya?

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This article will explore the cost of CCTV installation in Kenya and what factors you need to consider when purchasing.

The simplest way to estimate how much a CCTV system costs is to consider what features your ideal system has and how many cameras you need.

The quality of the camera you choose will also affect your cost. The higher the resolution and pixels per square inch (PPI), the more expensive it. Cameras that are HD-recording compatible will give you better images than standard cameras, but this will come at a higher price.

Average Cost of CCTV Installation in Kenya

When it comes to security, many people think that the only way to keep their home and family safe is by installing a security system. While this may be true, not everyone can afford to install a top-of-the-line security system in their home.

This is where CCTV installation comes in. CCTV installation is a more affordable option for those who want the added security of a surveillance system without breaking the bank.

This article will help you learn more about what cameras cost and the actual cost of CCTV installation in Kenya to make an informed decision before finalizing your purchase.

Why install a CCTV system in your home or business?

There are many reasons people choose to install a CCTV system in their homes and businesses.

CCTV cameras can monitor children’s pets or provide peace of mind when the owner is away. Many homeowners report feeling safer with cameras watching over their house and property.

Businesses can use cameras to monitor their employees’ and customers’ activity and prevent theft and vandalism.

Type of CCTV Cameras In Kenya

There are three types of cameras generally used in CCTV systems.

Analog cameras are the cheapest, most basic option. Analog cameras use a coaxial cable to transmit the camera head back to a DVR recorder.

You can obtain high-quality images with analog technology, but it is more complicated than the other option.

Digital cameras use a CCD chip to record images and do not require coaxial cables.

Images can be easily transmitted through the video output and may come in color or infrared. Unlike analog cameras, digital cameras do not need to communicate back to a central location and can instead send their signal wirelessly.

Factors that affect the costs of CCTV Installation in Kenya

The cost of having a CCTV system installed in your home depends on many factors, including:

1. Number of Cameras.

The cost of home CCTV installation will depend on the number of cameras you need. If you only want a camera inside your house, you can install it yourself, and it won’t cost you anything.

However, if you want an outdoor camera installed, each camera costs between Ksh 1,500 – Ksh 7,000, depending on the manufacturer and model.

2. Type of Camera.

The type of camera you need will affect the cost of CCTV installation. For example, an outdoor camera can cost anywhere from Ksh 1,500 to over Ksh 10,000, depending on the make and model.

Analog cameras are the cheapest option but offer lower quality images than their digital counterparts. Digital cameras vary in price depending on their resolution.

An HD camera will cost significantly more than a standard model, providing more explicit images. Infrared outdoor cameras are also more expensive than their traditional counterparts.

3. Complexity of Installation.

The size and complexity of your CCTV system will affect the price you pay to have it installed. For example, if you want a camera installed inside your house or business, this will cost between Ksh 2,500 and Ksh 10,000.

Installing a more complex system with many cameras can be more expensive.

4. Installation Charges.

The price of home CCTV installation usually includes both the equipment and installation costs.

However, some companies charge a fee if you want to purchase the equipment, and they do not have the installation charges in the overall price.

The type of installation service you opt for is also a consideration because not all companies charge the same rates for installation services.

Having an indoor camera installed, for example, can cost you Ksh 4,000, whereas the installation of an outdoor camera will be approximately double that price.

5. The Brand of the Camera.

Another consideration that might affect your installation costs is the brand of the camera.

Some brands are expensive, such as HIK Vision and Panasonic manufacture high-quality cameras that have increased functionality and can be very costly.

6. Where you purchase from.

Another consideration you must make is where you purchase your camera, as prices will vary depending on the retailer.

For example, a camera around Ksh 1,500 in a local store will cost you much more if you buy it online.

7. Locations of Cameras.

The placement of cameras can also affect the cost of CCTV installation.

If you want to monitor multiple entrances, the equipment might need to be wired in various locations, increasing the installation price.

If you wish to monitor particular objects or people, cameras may need to be installed in strategic locations. This can mean estimating each area and spending more on installations.

What is the price of a CCTV Camera In Kenya?

The price of CCTV cameras in Kenya is usually determined by:

1. The Resolution of the Camera.

The resolution of a camera is one of the most critical factors that affect its price.

The resolution determines how clear and detailed the images will be once they are recorded or transmitted.

Cameras with higher resolutions also have more storage space for recorded data and more extensive recording media such as hard drives and memory cards.

High-resolution cameras are more expensive than standard cameras that offer lower resolutions. For example, a 2-megapixel camera can cost anywhere between Ksh 4,000 and Ksh 7,000 per unit.

Here is a sample table showing the prices of different CCTV camera resolutions:

HIK Vision Camera: 720P Turbo HD 1080P Turbo HD 2MP IP 4K
Price: Ksh 1,500 Ksh 2,100 Ksh 4,000 Ksh 8,500

2. Brand of the Camera.

The price of CCTV cameras is also affected by the camera’s brand name; some brands are more expensive than others.

Some exclusive, well-known brands are costly, but they offer the best quality to customers.

For example, a Panasonic camera can cost Ksh 10,000 or more, whereas standard cameras may only cost between Ksh 6,000 and Ksh 1,000.

2. The Type of Camera.

Analog cameras are cheaper than their digital counterparts in retail cost, but their images and functionality are lower.

Analog cameras usually cost between Ksh 1,500 and Ksh 2,200, depending on the model.

So, How much Does it Cost to Install a CCTV System in Kenya?

The price of home CCTV installation usually includes both the equipment and installation costs.

However, some companies charge a fee if you want to purchase the equipment, and they do not have the installation charges in the overall price.

The type of installation service you opt for is also a consideration because not all companies charge the same rates for installation services.

A professional installation service will cost you between Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 1,500 Per Camera.

The best way to find out how much it costs is to contact different companies and estimate.

What other factors affect the Cost of CCTV Installation in Kenya?

If you purchase all your equipment from a reputable retailer, the installation charges shouldn’t set you back too much.

Most companies that offer CCTV installation services will charge between Ksh 4,000 and Ksh 10,000 for indoor cameras and roughly double for outdoor cameras.

The installation costs vary from Individual to Individual and the type of camera system you choose.

For example, you might need an electrician to install cables around your home. If you connect your camera system to the Internet, this will require a separate wireless network which can affect installation costs further.

Another consideration is storage space for recorded footage if you have a digital camera system.

Most systems offer hard drives or memory cards to store recorded images, so you may need extra space to store your data.

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How To Choose The Right CCTV Camera

Cameras are a great tool to have as part of home security. They give you peace of mind knowing that your property is being monitored. Still, they can also provide vital evidence when it comes to any incidents that occur within the vicinity of the cameras.

However, many types and brands are available, making it complicated and sometimes confusing to choose which camera is best for your home.

So, here are some things that you should consider when looking into purchasing a new CCTV Camera:

1. Area To Be Covered.

This means the amount of space that will be visible to the cameras at any one time. For example, if you have a large open plan living area, the number of cameras you need to cover this space will vary from one camera.

2. Lights.

Are there any bright lights? This can cause problems when viewing these areas with night vision cameras, so they are often placed a few meters back from the light.

3. Accessibility.

Are they going to be accessible to an intruder? Or kept away in a cupboard? This depends on what you will use your camera for and how easily you and an intruder can access it.

4. Power.

Do you have a reliable power supply to the area where you want to install these cameras? It is pointless having security cameras if they can’t run because of a lack of power for any reason!

5. Weather Conditions.

What sort of weather will be present where you will place your camera? Are they going to get wet, damp, or dusty? Again, this can be problematic for some types of cameras.

6. Type Of Camera.

There are many different types of cameras on the market, and each one has its pros and cons, so think about what you would like to use them for. For example, bullet cameras are great for a large area but not so good if the camera needs to be a secret.

7. Price.

How much can you afford to spend on these cameras? Do you want wired or wireless cameras, and do they need to be hard-wired into your property, or can they run off batteries?

8. Keeping Up To Date.

Do you want to be able to keep your system up-to-date and up-to-speed with new technology? If so, then high-definition cameras might be the way forward for you.

These are just a few of the things that you should consider when purchasing your CCTV camera, but by following the above, you should be able to find something that fits your requirements and budget.

Why do you need a Professional CCTV installer?

Individuals and companies that sell cameras also have the expertise to install them on your property.

Installing a CCTV camera is not as simple as hanging a picture frame on a nail. The work requires knowledge of electrical wiring and practical experience with different types of equipment.

What Does a Good CCTV Installation Service Include?

A good CCTV installation service includes:

  1. Verifying your property is within line of sight of all cameras, choosing the correct angle and height to help get optimal picture quality for each camera while minimizing false alarms from small movements;
  2. Identify what type of material is on your property, such as concrete, brick, or metal, and use the correct cabling in different environments; 3. Installing all necessary equipment such as cables and power supply units;
  3. Instructing you about how to use the system;
  4. Assisting you in the preparation of documentation to pass on to your security company if you require this service;
  5. Testing all cameras and confirming that they are pointing where required;
  6. Make sure there is a way to monitor the CCTV system;
  7. Where applicable, provide certification of any necessary adjustments for optimal viewing before concluding the installation process.

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