Eazzy Loan by Equity Bank – All You Need to Know

Ida Musyoka

Eazzy loan is short-term financing offered by Equity Bank. Borrowers can get money directly into the phone once approved. Although it is a short-term loan, getting up to Ksh 3 million instantly with an appraisal is possible.

The loan is available for Equity Bank account holders. To qualify for the loan, you should have banked with Equity for at least six months. You should also have an Equity line or Equity app.

Why Eazzy Loan?

Fast Application and Approval

For an Eazzy loan, you do not need to do paperwork. It is possible to get the loan right from your phone. The process of application and approval takes minutes. You also get money directly into your phone without physically visiting the bank branch.

Variety of Loan Amounts

The loan amounts offered by Eazzy are flexible. You can get small amounts under Ksh 10,000 and large amounts up to millions. Depending on your profile you can get any loan amount that you are looking for.

Flexible Payment

With Eazzy loan the payments are flexible. You can pay the loan in one month but they can also extend the repayment period to 24 months depending on your profile and even how much you have taken.

Competitive Interest Rate

Mobile loans can be very expensive due to high-interest rates. Fortunately, equity is the leading when it comes to interest rates. They offer competitive interest rates compared to other mobile lenders.

How to Apply for Eazzy Loan using your Equitel Line

  • On your Equitel line, go to the menu section
  • Go to the money section and select loans
  • Select the loan option and then choose your loan type
  • Select the account and then the amount of the loan
  • Confirm your details and then enter the pin
  • Money will be disbursed to your account

How to Apply for an Eazzy loan using the Eazzy Banking App

  • Download the Eazzy Banking app from the Playstore and install it on your phone
  • Register all the details on the app. At this stage, you need to add a lot of personal information.
  • after registration, log into the app using the username and password
  • go to the loan section of the app and choose the loan application
  • find the loan application and fill in all the details needed.
  • review the application details and click submit
  • wait for the approval message
  • Once approved for the loan, you need to accept the offer
  • After acceptance, the money will be deposited into your Equitel account.


How do you check for Eazzy loan limit?

You can check the Eazzy loan limit using your Equitel line. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Go to the menu
  • Go to loans
  • Aelect theEazzy loan option
  • Check the limit

How to increase Eazzy loan limit

The only way to increase your loan limit is by paying your loan on time, borrowing more, and continuously using your Equity Bank account.

Why was my Eazzy loan denied?

If you have been listed as a defaulter in CRB, your loan request will be denied. The loan can be denied if you have not used Equity for more than six months or if you are not an active user of the bank.

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