How to Pay Tala Loan: Step-by-Step Guide

Today I will show you how to repay Tala’s loan using different methods.

Tala is the biggest mobile money-lender in Kenya. More than 5,000,000 people have applied for a loan from Tala since it was founded in 2011. It has disbursed over $1 billion so far and expects to reach $5 billion by the end of this year.

Getting a loan is the best way to get instant cash. You can use the funds for any purpose, including business start-ups, medical expenses, and household improvements. You can get a Tala loan anytime you want and pay it easily whenever you want.

Let’s take a look at how you can repay your Tala loan step-by-step:

How to Pay Tala Loan via Mpesa

This is a good way to repay your Tala loan using the Tala Paybill Number. I would only recommend this if you want to make quick installment payments and you don’t have an internet connection or have deleted the Tala App on your phone.

Here is how to Pay Tala loan via Mpesa Paybill:

  1. Open Mpesa on your phone
  2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  3. Enter Tala Paybill Number 851900
  4. Use your phone number as the account number. (Remember to use the phone number you used to get a loan from Tala.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to repay your Tala loan. You can make partial payments.
  6. Complete the process by entering your Pin.

You can also pay Tala loan using Mpesa for another number. Just make sure you select the number of your friend or family member as the account number when paying using the Tala Paybill number.

After paying the Tala loan via Mpesa, they will send you a message to confirm they have received your Tala Payment.

How to Repay Tala Via The Tala App

This is the easiest way and most recommended way to repay Tala Loan. All you need is the Tala App and an internet connection.

Follow these steps, and you can repay your Tala loan:

  1. Launch the Tala App on your Smartphone
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. If you had taken a loan, it would show on the APP
  4. Click on “Make a Payment
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay. Or Pay the full loan amount.
  6. Click Make Payment,
  7. This will send a push notification to Mpesa, and it will open MPesa on your phone.
  8. Enter your Mpesa PIN, and that is it.

Tala will send you a confirmation message, and you will notice the loan has been cleared on the APP.

Anne Katana
I am from the Kenyan Coast and currently in Nairobi. I studied history, and now I do blogging for a living. I like to share my passion for Kenya and my experiences with other people in Kenya and abroad. So welcome to Nasonga (I am Moving).



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